Tulip flower, pink, purple, closeup picture free for blog or web article.

Beautiful Purple/Pink Tulip Flower

About the Picture

One of my favorite flowers, tulip! It can be found in many different colors, but here we have a pink (purple) closeup picture of a beautiful tulip flower, closeup shot with a gentle bokeh on the back.

Tulips are very gentle looking flowers, that’s why I believe it’s one of many people favorite ones.

Feel free to download this picture for free and use it on your blog or web article. If you’re looking for pictures of different flowers, please check collection of flower pictures.

If you’re interested in some fun tulip facts, in the world can be found 150 different species of tulip flowers, they are almost perfectly symmetrical, most of them have only one bud, however, there are some varieties that give up to 4 buds growing on a single stem.

They are part of a lily family and bloom for only 3 to 7 days in the spring.

When you feel sorry, white tulips are often given as an apology. I think it’s a beautiful gesture. They are native flowers of Asia (interesting, right?).

If you’re interested in more facts about tulips, find more here, it’s a great read!

Tulip flower, pink, purple, closeup picture free for blog or web article.

Closeup picture of a tulip flower, purple/pink and so beautiful!

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Beautiful tulip flower, pink and purple. Free image for your blog.

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