Black-eyed Susan Flower.

Black-Eyed Susan Flower

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As we come to the middle of the week, it’s a good time to share a picture of the flower. Flower with a very interesting name “Black-Eyed Susan”. “Scientific” name is Rudbeckia hirta.

Have you ever seen this flower? Of course, you did! It’s a very common one, yet it’s still pretty!

Sun-looking like, vibrant, positive and full of energy. At least it’s how I see Black-Eyed Susan. It still makes me wonder why “Susan”, but oh, what a lucky girl she must have been to have a flower named after her…

Valentine’s day is behind, but I do not think it’s the flower you would actually give to somebody on Valentine’s day. However the picture is beautiful, the flower is very nice it’s one of those we do not give often as gifts. I certainly might be wrong here, so please share your comments and share the image! Hopefully, you will enjoy this free picture I’m sharing with you today!

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Luke Lawreszuk /

Black-eyed Susan Flower.

A beautiful flower we all know. “Rudbeckia hirta”, or commonly known as “Black-Eyed Susan”.

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