Closeup picture of a dead leaf showing it's anatomy.

Dead Yellow Leaf

About the Picture

Leaf picture, a closeup image of a leaf taken in December, so just when the Autumn ended and winter season began. This picture of a yellow/brown leaf is here for you to download and use on your blog.

If you’ve been to my website before, you already know that I love photographing during Autumn season and leaves are those little (or bigger) things I cherish a lot.

The leaf’s anatomy is very beautiful, and especially on those dead leaves they add great contrast and tons of beauty to the image. So here it is, a picture that shows the anatomy of the leaf, the way the leaf is built.

But of course, each and every leaf is different, and I’m not sure what tree produced this leaf. One day I will learn.

If you’re looking for some different images Autumn and leaves related, check this collection here.

This, like the rest of the images, is free for you to download so you can use it on your blog or web article.

Autumn and winter are great seasons to stay in a warm home, enjoy a good glass of wine and read. So if you feel like reading, check autumn-related quotes from some famous people I shared on some of the images I took.

Have a wonderful winter!

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Dead leaf closeup, winter picture of leaf veins and it's anatomy.

A dead leaf, when Autumn turns to Winter. Closeup capture that’s showing the anatomy of a leaf.

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