Fallen Leaves on a Sidewalk, free picture for your blog or web article.

Fallen Leaves on a Sidewalk

About the Picture

Leaves, fallen leaves, our streets are full of vibrant colors creating beautiful carpets on our sidewalks.

Anywhere you go, in the city, in the forest, everything is so colorful and soulful. The only thing what is missing this season is people.

As autumn is a wonderful season, on one side a bit nostalgic, on the other side is full of colors and beauty.

This fall will be like no other. Maybe more nostalgic, maybe more lonely for so many people. Seems like we are all going to be worried as the pandemic is expected to hit stronger.

But still, it’s autumn, soulful time so don’t forget to nourish your body and spirit. Enjoy the sunny days and prepare for a quiet winter. Time to be close to our families and loved ones. Take care of each other and keep yourself positive.

Covid-19 is on the streets, but when it comes to autumn – it’s still vibrant and beautiful like every time it comes. The pandemic, it too shall pass.

Feel free to download this picture of fallen leaves on a sidewalk for free to use on your blog or web article. Check other autumn-related images if you need something else.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Fallen Leaves on a Sidewalk, free picture for your blog or web article.

Grey-ish sidewalk and vibrant, fallen leaves during autumn in the city.

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