Tokyo Skytree, Asahi Flame & Japanese Boat on Sumida River

Tokyo Skytree, Asahi Flame & Japanese Boat, Sumida River in Asakusa

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When visiting Tokyo in Japan, one of the main touristic attraction is the Asakusa district. That’s where you will find many beautiful Buddhist temples just a couple of minutes away from Asakusa station.

Very close to Asakusa station there is also Sumida river, and if you decide to take a walk on the riverside, you won’t see that many tourists, and not so many people at all comparing to temples as Senso-Ji.

Certainly, temples must be on your to-visit list, but I would also recommend a nice walk next to the Sumida river, from where you can see beautiful Tokyo’s Skytree building, “Asahi Flame” (also referred as ‘the Golden Turd’ or ‘Golden Poo’) – that’s where Asahi’s Beer Hall is located and a beautiful Japanese style boat.

If your visit in Tokyo is very time-limited… don’t forget about the temples and at least think of going to the riverside for even 5 minutes, especially cause it’s located not even 5 minutes away from the station.

If you want to download this picture of the Tokyo Skytree, “Asahi Flame” (‘Flame d’Or’) and Japanese style boat on Sumida river for your blog or web article, feel free to do so. Just don’t forget to include an attribution!

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