Sandy Cove Beach in West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sandy Cove Beach in West Vancouver, BC, Canada

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West Vancouver is full of beautiful places, small parks, beaches and parks to spend a day in nature. Sandy Cove beach is one of those hidden gems, which is located quite close to Lighthouse Park.

The beach itself is not big, but I assume it’s known only by the locals. On my visit there, I was simply alone, and I believe it’s quite often when you can go there and have some time just for yourself.

If you love the ocean and the beach, but not looking for crowds, Sandy Cove is for you! It can be visited on the same day when you visit mentioned Lighthouse Park, which is much bigger and better if you’re looking for a small hike.

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Luke Lawreszuk

Sandy Cove Beach in West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Long exposure picture of a small, yet considered a hidden gem (at least by me) in West Vancouver, called “Sandy Cove”.

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