Vancouver Downtown at Night Cityscape. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

South Downtown at Night Vancouver Cityscape, BC, Canada

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One of the most beautiful spots in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Also, very popular among Vancouverites and tourists. Picture of South Downtown at night, taken from Granville Island.

On the picture, we can see the Downtown of Vancouver, a place where many people love to go for a walk, enjoy some restaurants on the waterside or to bike, run or rollerskate on Vancouver’s great seawall.

Would be nice to have an apartment or a penthouse in one of those buildings, don’t you think?

However, the picture was taken from the more popular side, especially among tourists – Granville Island, a place where not only a great market, artist shops, breweries and coffee places can be found, it’s also a place to enjoy a beautiful view of Vancouver cityscape while sipping on your coffee.

It’s also a place where many street performances take place, so I’m sure if you visit there as a tourist you will appreciate what place has to offer.

When it comes to nightlife on Granville Island, I would say that it doesn’t exist. Yes, they have some pubs and restaurants, but it’s much more quiet spot at night comparing to daytime.

However, nighttime I believe is a good moment for photographers, it’s a place from where you can take pictures like this one, or most probably even much nicer ones.

But the photography opportunities do not end up there. If you continue walking towards False Creek you will find many great spots for taking pictures, well. I love that route.

If you’re a tourist, I would say that Granville Island is a perfect spot to start a day, the energy there is vibrant and certainly will make you feel energized for the day!

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Vancouver Downtown at Night Cityscape. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Vancouver South Downtown seen from Granville Island at Night Cityscape. Beautiful Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

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Vancouver South Downtown at Night Cityscape. British Columbia, Canada.

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