10 Interesting Pics of Chicago Landmarks

Here we have 10 interesting pictures of Chicago and it’s unique, worth visiting landmark. Enjoy the pics and take time to acknowledge the photographers, who share their work with all of us. Have you been to Chicago? Are you planning to visit? Or maybe you’re from there? Say hi!


1. Chicago Bean by Ben Ford

chicago bean by ben ford

2. Chicago and River by Yvonne Stepanow

chicago and river

3. Chicago by Kenn Kiser

chicago skyline

4. Down the Road by Joel Good

down the road

5. Azul Chicago by Marius M.

azul chicago

6. Chicago Skyline by Joe Pena

chicago skyline

7. Chicago Cityscape by Kristine Beebe

chicago cityscape

8. Hancock in Chicago by Gregory Richard

hancock in chicago

9. Chicago by  Scott Hoffman


10. West View J. Hancock by Krystle Nicolas

west view j hancock


I don’t have to convince anybody that Chicago is an amazing city, the same one where Michael Jordan used to play for the Bulls, in those amazing times for them. What’s your favorite thing in Chicago? Have you been to any Michael Jordan game maybe? Those are just the questions so we all can have some interesting talk in comments.


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