Alcazar de Segovia Castle in Spain, beautiful Urban Landsccape architecture, an iconic landmark, taken at sunset.

Alcazar de Segovia Castle

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Medieval castle, built in 12th century – Alcazar de Segovia, an iconic landmark located in beautiful, historic city of Segovia, one of the most popular touristic cities in Spain very worth visiting. So update your itinerary especially when traveling to Madrid.

When I was planning my short trip to Spain, starting the whole trip in Madrid, Segovia was a place I wanted to see the most. It’s a historic city, where we can enjoy this medieval castle, The origins of the Alcázar date back to the 12th century when it was originally built as an Arab fortress. Now, it’s a landmark where many people travel to from all over the world to enjoy not only the castle but also other city attractions, but about them… later on.

I spent about a day in Segovia, and Alcazar of Segovia castle was my choice for sunset photography for my one night stay there. To photograph this wonderful urban landscape was on top of my “photography list” when planning the trip. The only problem when you have just one day, you don’t choose the weather to take your shot.

I like this capture, but when photographing such spots, would be great to have more dramatic sky, maybe lightings on the back and so on. Ok, I guess I go too far here.

Anyway, if you like the picture and want to download it, find it a perfect fit for your travel blog or any other sort of article – feel free to download it and use it. Will all the respect though!

But if you’re just searching for inspiration, for places to travel to on a Spain trip, I certainly can recommend visiting Segovia, it’s a beautiful city, just perfect for a day trip. Add it to your itinerary or bucket list. Enjoy!

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Luke Lawreszuk

Alcazar de Segovia Castle in Spain, beautiful Urban Landscape architecture, an iconic landmark, taken at sunset.

Stunning medieval castle located in the historic city of Segovia. Built in 12th century and now is one of Spain’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing visitors from around the world.

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