Blueberry Sourdough Sweet Focaccia Bread from Terra Breads.

Blueberry Sourdough Sweet Focaccia Bread

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Because in life you deserve something sweet, especially when it comes with a great cup of coffee. Here we have a blueberry sourdough sweet focaccia bread, from Terra Breads a place I could never pass by and not getting something sweet to eat.

And, I’m not big on the sweet stuff, but we all have our little things in life. So when in Vancouver, BC, anytime I would visit Granville Island or Olympic Village, I would always stop by Terra Breads to enjoy their great focaccia.

However, usually, it would be an apple one, but blueberry would be a second choice.

You could think this description of the picture was sponsored by Terra Breads, but it was not.

I just believe it’s proper to spread a good word, to share positive feedback and recommend things to others, that you think they would appreciate.

So if you have a chance to travel to Vancouver, make sure you stop by Terra Breads, you will love what they have to offer. Vancouverites know what I’m talking about, right?

This picture of sweet focaccia bread featuring blueberries is free for you to download and use on your blog or web article, especially when you want to share a great word about Terra Breads.

If you need a picture of the food but not quite like this one, check my collection of food images, you may find something there what you need. Oh, and this pizza is also from Terra Breads!

Wish you a great, full of great foods, day!

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Blueberry Sourdough Sweet Focaccia Bread from Terra Breads.

Terra Breads has many great foods to enjoy, and this blueberry focaccia is one of them!

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Blueberry Sourdough Sweet Focaccia Bread from Terra Breads in Vancouver, BC.

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