Car Speeding on a Highway, Long Exposure

Car Speeding on a Highway

About the Picture

I used to call this picture “the speed of light”, even though it was far from reaching that kind of speed, it’s just an interesting long exposure picture taken from the bridge on a traffic underneath on a highway.

Long exposure pictures are very popular, and not only photographers like to shoot them, the viewers often appreciate them. Long exposure offers a unique way of expression.

It’s a great way to express “speed” on the road and that’s what I was aiming for here.

Do you know the song by Ray Charles called “Hit the Road, Jack”? Not sure why it just came to my mind that’s how Jack could look in his old car hitting the road…

I know, most probably a strange comparison. Happens.

Highway, one car, appearing and disappearing from the frame at the same time, was he really “speeding”?

In reality, he could be just going 20 km/h, but the camera helps you to make it as he would be going 200 km/h.

Traffic, speed, road and cars”, a four-word description of the image, feel free to download it for free and use it on your blog or web article!

Car Speeding on a Highway, Long Exposure

Long exposure picture of a car “speeding” on a Highway, with no traffic around.

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