free picture of basketball basket in Kitsilano, Vancouver

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Akward Description:

Some may think there is a bad spelling mistake on that basket, well… most probably you will find many spelling and grammar mistakes on this blog, but “Kits” is spelled properly here, and everybody knows that… who lives in Vancouver, especially in KITS-ilano district.

It’s not like I live there, however I would love to! Kitsilano, or Kits it’s well… great place to enjoy, especially in the summer time, but not only. Anyway, today I’m sharing a picture with you of a basketball “basket”, wanted to write it’s a field, but we are quite missing the field here. I believe many people that actually live in that district, do not even know about “KITS” written on the basket, well I didn’t know either. Was lucky enough, cause I met a cool person who told me that, and asked me to take a picture of it – so here it is, and of course, like many pictures here, you can grab it for free and use it on your blog or other projects. I hope you like this detailed shot. By the way, why don’t you follow me on Instagram or other socials (links in upper right corner)… not just for fun, but also for a lot of cool stuff.

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Luke Lawreszuk /

free picture of basketball basket in Kitsilano, Vancouver

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