Kimono Forest Pillars in Arashiyama's Randen Station, Kyoto, Japan.

Kimono Forest Pillars in Arashiyama’s Randen Station

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Arashiyama, well-known and so popular district of Kyoto in Japan has so many things to enjoy for tourists. Here on the picture, we have “Kimono Forest”, found in the Randen Arashiyama Station.

You will find around 600 pillars with beautiful designs. Pillars that look extremely beautiful at night when they light up, creating a stunning look.

A place for you to take a nice walk alone, or preferably with your partner. A place where you can take some unique pictures of the pillars or of yourself with your loved ones during the walk.

Gorgeous cylinder-shaped pillars are perfect for travellers looking for extra things to enjoy in Arashiyama, and it’s totally free of charge!

So when you plan to visit Arashiyama for its famous Bamboo forest, monkey park and other attractions – don’t forget to stop by the Randen Arashiyama station to see the Kimono Forest as well!

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Luke Lawreszuk

Kimono Forest Pillars in Arashiyama's Randen Station, Kyoto, Japan.

Beautiful pillars, called ‘Kimono Forest’ found in the Randen Arashiyama Station, Kyoto, Japan.

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