Red & Brown Leaves of a Japanese Maple Tree in Autumn.

Leaves of a Japanese Maple Tree in Autumn

About the Picture

Autumn, a beautiful season and a perfect one for photographers. Japan is often visited during spring for Cherry Blossom season, but autumn is also a time when a lot of tourists would visit the country of the rising sun to photograph all those colorful trees and leaves.

On this picture we have brown/red leaves of a Japanese Maple tree seen up-close on a tree branch, it was taken during autumn on my day trip to Mount Takao near Tokyo, a very beautiful hike.

Autumn is a great season for photography, but also it’s time to watch movies, read books and contemplate. Let me share a beautiful autumnal quote with all of you about this wonderful season, a quote by Lee Maynard:

“I loved autumn, the season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.”

I created a post where I share autumnal quotes on pictures I took, please check it here if you feel like.

For me, it’s a truly magical season. Every moment spent outside seeing all those colorful trees, or “carpets” made of fallen leaves, embracing each moment, knowing that the next day it might all be gone, disappeared in one way or the other.

Autumn certainly teaches us to let things go, and create a space inside for new things to come to us later on. A soulful season.

This picture belongs to a collection of autumn images, here you can find more images from the collection.

This picture of brown & red leaves on a tree of a Japanese Maple like the other ones, feel free to download and use it on your blog or web article.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Red & Brown Leaves of a Japanese Maple Tree in Autumn.

Brown and red leaves on a Japanese Maple tree seen up-close.

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