Orange, Yellow & Red Leaves of a Japanese Maple Tree during fall in Tokyo, Japan.

Orange & Red Leaves of a Japanese Maple Tree

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Japan is well known for its beautiful fall season. That’s also when most tourists visit many different regions of Japan. I must agree, the fall in Japan was an amazing experience for me. Now I must go there in spring for cherry blossoms.

Many tourists would head out to Kyoto, to enjoy the temples and autumnal scenery there. I decided to spend the season in Tokyo, and it was an amazing time. Certainly a perfect season for photography but also for hot ramen soups in the evening, what a perfect combination.

This picture was taken around Ogikuko station, the day when I was going to do some research on the computer at the local library, however, all the computer stations were taken.

So I decided to go to a small park nearby, luckily I had a camera with me and once I saw all the trees turning colors, orange, red and yellow leaves all around.

I suddenly realized that it was not the day to spend researching anything, it was a day to spend outdoors, the gorgeous sun was shining and, wind blowing making many leaves fall and those colors, vibrant colors of fall.

I felt blessed and I spent all-day exploring, photographing and at some point I had a well-deserved drink, well I hope I deserved it.

Autumn in Tokyo I must agree, it’s great! It doesn’t rain much, I don’t remember many rainy days to be honest. I guess it was often sunny, so when people are going there for a short period of time, they should be welcomed by great weather to explore.

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Orange, Yellow & Red Leaves of a Japanese Maple Tree during fall in Tokyo, Japan.

Colorful and vibrant Japanese maple tree during fall in Tokyo, Japan.

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Orange, Yellow & Red Leaves of a Japanese Maple Tree during fall in Tokyo, Japan.

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