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Are you ready to see some great examples of portrait photography? You don’t have to answer that question. However, I invite you to enjoy some wonderful photographs, that may make you laugh, cry or just smile. Why do I even bother you, trying to explain what you’re about to see… just enjoy!

50+ Great Examples of Portrait Photography

50+ Great Examples of Portrait Photography
Here, you will find 31 images, deeply emotional, so do expect that they can make you cry. The main picture is a beautiful portrait capture of a soldier, in photography it’s all about timing, this picture was taken in the very best moment, as the other photographs as well, so please check them out and have a good cry, it’s nothing wrong with a good cry.

Family portraits, it’s a great project created by Ulric Collette, a photographer on an exploration of genetical similarities within families. Each photograph is made of 2 faces (half/half), very creative project with wonderful results.

Beauty can be found everywhere, and here have so many beautiful portraits from over 40 countries.

Beautiful photograph of a young girl

Very interesting project with photographs of children and their most valuable possessions. Beautiful project.

Are you a mustache & beard fan? Well, even if you’re not you must see those photographs. Great works you can learn from and use different portrait shots. You can also get some new look ideas from that one!

I might be wrong, but I believe that double exposure portraits are very trendy and popular those days… even if I’m wrong, I’m a huge fan of this type of portraits as often they require a lot of creativity and different approaches. There are many wonderful double exposure portraits out there, and here I have a pin that contains some very nice examples.

Surreal Black And White Portraits created by Noell Oszvald

Some beautiful examples of Self-Portraits created by talented Rachel Baran.

The title says it all – 40 Remarkable Native American Portraits

Perfect black & white portrait

Beautiful portrait, not black & white but full of vibrant colors and gorgeous smile!

The title says it all – Millions of photographs… ok, not a million but over a hundred of photographs of iconic people, unique moments, etc. – you just must see.

Portraits through reflection! In this case the photographer and model use a mirror to create this beautiful piece of art. I love reflection photography, where we can use mirrors, water, metals and other elements to create something unique.

10 wonderful portrait photographs that capture smile, and yes… I love smily faces, they create such a wonderful feeling inside you just can’t reproduce in any other way. Those photographs will certainly make you smile as well!

A game with contrast.

I couldn’t miss some examples of family portraits! Here are 50 of them.

Portraits of dancers frozen in action. Beautiful shots I am a huge fan of – portraits of people taken when they are doing what they love doing, what they really are.

Portrait photography – this one and the one before with the dancers – for me it’s about photographing people in their “space”, doing what they love doing, capturing their nature and who they are… here we have some wonderful shots of a woman who has deep connection with the sea…

It’s not always about looking into camera.

You don’t need a model! Beautiful Self-portrait…

Great creativity


With a beautiful, subtle background.

Simply stunning.

Something for the couples.

Beautiful portrait of a girl caught in a moment of amazement of a falling snow flakes.

Great creativity, just the main pin strangely links to Coach website (strangely!!).

Beautiful details.

I hope you have enjoyed great examples of portrait photography I shared in this post, do not forget to share the article and maybe re-pin the ones you like if you have a Pinterest account. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about them.

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