Red Leaves of Maple Leaf Tree in Autumn

Red Leaves of a Maple Tree in Autumn

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Autumn leaves of a maple leaf tree in Tokyo, Japan! We all, or at least most of us really love what autumn brings to us, visually speaking. Colorful, vibrant colors on many trees and ground.

But every coin has two sides, as we all enjoy the beauty of colorful trees in autumn; we also know that summer is gone and we will be welcoming winter very soon. Not everybody loves winter but we must not forget there is a lot of beauty in each and every season, so embrace them all.

Here I’m sharing with you very vibrant picture, colorful, red leaves of a Maple leaf tree on equally vibrant blue-green background. If you think autumn is a sad season, this picture brings some positivity and hopefully it someway shows it can be also beautiful time, especially on those sunny days.

Feel free to download this picture and use on your blog or web article. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Luke Lawreszuk /

Autumn red leaves of maple leaf tree. Free picture for blog posts and web articles.

Autumn capture of a Maple leaf tree and beautiful red leaves hanging on a tree.

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