Royal Candles Veronica 'Glory', closeup of a beautiful deep purple flower.

Royal Candles Veronica ‘Glory’

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Here we have, an image of a beautiful, deep purple flower called Royal Candles Veronica “Glory”, it certainly looks like candles growing next to each other with a taller candle right in the middle.

When you’re looking for an easy to grow and a beautiful looking flower for your garden, look no further. Royal Candles Veronica is a perfect flower you will have no problem growing.

It grows around 1 foot tall, and it blooms right in the summertime. It’s also called Speedwell Veronica Spicata, if you plant it, it will attract butterflies to your garden.

As I mentioned before, it’s an easy flower to grow, requires low-care and its quite pest and disease-free.

I find it a very good reason when you want to have green-green garden. Cause who wants to use chemicals in the garden, right?

I took this picture at my aunt’s garden and I really trust her taste when it comes to picking the right flowers to plant in the garden.

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Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Royal Candles Veronica 'Glory', closeup of a beautiful deep purple flower.

Closeup picture of a Royal Candles Veronica “Glory”, a beautiful deep purple flower.

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