Sausage on a Stick Over the Fire. Free picture for writers to use on blogs or articles.

Sausage on a Stick Over the Fire

About the Picture

Sausage + fire, those two things together, are what pefectly spent time is. True, barbaque can be great, but nothing beats food made over a fire, in this case, a perfect sausage!

Since childhood, or since I remember, I always cherished those moments spent near-real fire, good food and great company.

Now, much older, not necessarily wiser, certainly more stressed. Busy with many things in life, where there is no much space to enjoy a countryside fire, I guess I cherish those moments even more.

These two things, deeply rooted in our human nature. Food, without which we can’t survive, and fire – strongly associated with survival, and also our own inner fire inside, which helps us to achieve things and gives us the strength to follow our dreams, bigger dreams, the bigger inner fire is needed. So I hope your third chakra is well-balanced and burning with this fire.

This picture is here for you to download if you’re a writer and need an image for your blog post or web article. Of course, it doesn’t need to relate to my “unique” description of the picture.

But it might suit lifestyle articles, those sharing about how important to be outdoors, enjoy the things so well known for centuries, or food-related blog posts.

In case you’re looking for more food-related images, check this collection that was created to collect all of my food pictures.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Sausage on a Stick Over the Fire. Free picture for writers to use on blogs or articles.

A big fire and a sausage on a stick, time perfectly spent.

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