Into the Mountains

Into the… Mountains!

Akward Description: Time for the mountains, summer time mountains. When you actually go hiking instead of skiing, maybe also some photoshooting. This picture was taken on a hike to Elfin Lakes (Garibaldi Provincial Park), beautiful hike – one of my favorite hikes in beautiful British Columbia. Feel free to use the picture on your blog! […]

Picture of a beautiful tree from Trout Lake

Tree of Trout Lake

Akward Description: If you’re one of the Vancouverites you must know that place in Vancouver, a place where you can go for a walk and circle the small lake several times a day, a place where your dog can play with other dogs, place where sometimes you can watch a movie on a big screen […]

water lilies leaves floating

Zen Time : Water Lilies

Akward Description: I’m not sure, but I believe those are leaves of water lilies. I might be wrong! However, those leaves I always associate with zen, meditation, peace, tranquillity and everything that’s related to “now”. We can find them often in Zen gardens and similar places. Personally, I find them very calming and beautiful. Maybe […]