Closeup of a Bamboo Grass Plant in Arashiyama, Japan

Closeup of a Bamboo Grass Plant

When travelling to Kyoto it’s a must to travel to Arashiyama, a place where beautiful temples can be found but there is located a very popular Bamboo Grove, a place where you can find many bamboos, those beautiful, tall grass plants. Here is a free closeup picture of a Bamboo plant from this very popular travel destination in Japan.

Beautiful Quotes About Mother Nature

Beautiful Spiritual Quotes About Mother Nature, Peace & Life

Who doesn’t love to be in and with nature? Nature has the power to heal us, teach us and it’s extremely beautiful. For people who love to travel, adventure and connect with the spirit of mother earth I’m sharing 25 quotes by famous people about mother nature, hopefully, they will motivate you to spend some quality time with mountains, lakes and trees.