Vancouver Downtown at Night, BC, Canada Cityscape Picture

Vancouver at Night Cityscape

About the Picture

This picture takes you to the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada – one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The capture takes you to False Creek area which is well-known among Vancouverites if you have never been to Vancouver; “False Creek” is a small, yet very beautiful inlet in the heart of Vancouver that separates Downtown from the rest of the city. Telus World of Science would be the most famous building in the area.

A perfect place for a day-walk, or hopefully this picture convinces you… for a night-photography.

Certainly a must-take walk for visitors to the city, visitors that are most probably going to visit Granville Island, which is located about 5 minutes away from the place I took this picture from.

But it’s not about where the picture was taken from, it’s more about what’s on the picture! So here we have a part of Downtown, a side of Yaletown district. The side of Vancouver’s downtown where you can enjoy a beautiful seawall walk.

On the picture, we have just a tiny part of the seawall, if you want to enjoy the full walk it’s about 28 km long, and its world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path. Something interesting to know that many Vancouverites don’t even know about!

But they know about the seawall, they love it and they enjoy it often in many different ways: by walking, riding a bike or rollerskate (that used to be my favorite way of enjoying it).

This picture is here for you to download and use on your blog or web article (yes, it’s free). You can also Vancouver related images for more choices.

If you’re from Vancouver, I hope you like the picture of your city I share here; if you’re from somewhere else in the world, maybe it convinces you to visit Vancouver at some point during your travels! Cheers.

Taken by:

Luke Lawreszuk

Vancouver Downtown at Night, BC, Canada Cityscape Picture

A beautiful city of Vancouver in BC, Canada. Downtown at night from False Creek area.

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